Next Generation Dynamic Call Tracking

Our DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion) solution Web2Tel makes it easy for clients and advertisers to measure the performance of online advertising campaigns by tracking the number of inbound phone calls generated by online lead sources.

Web2Tel dynamically replaces phone numbers on advertisers’ web pages with designated call tracking numbers. These call tracking numbers can be tied to virtually any online source including: display ads, paid search keywords, search engines and/or social media campaigns.

The highest quality session-based solution on the market today, advertisers using Web2Tel achieve maximum insight, scalability and cost-effectiveness – without sacrificing attribution accuracy.

With Web2Tel 2.0 you can:

  • Implement DNI call tracking using JavaScript or Reverse Proxy
  • Utilize 1:1 or Session-Based/Pooling number replacement
  • Combine call analytics with click and session data for a comprehensive overview of online lead attribution and pre-call consumer behavior
  • Determine which online marketing generates the most calls to validate distribution partners, optimize keywords/campaigns and increase ad performance and ROI on the fly
  • Harness our proprietary pool technology and extended session-based quality measures to cost-effectively scale online-offline lead measurement without sacrificing attribution accuracy
  • Utilize the industry’s most flexible DNI solution to track calls at a more granular level and build implementations which suit client-specific requirements

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