Pay-per-call (PPCall) advertising programs provide qualified phone leads and offer important campaign performance visibility, giving publishers, agencies and resellers another opportunity to monetize the leads that their campaigns deliver.

With pay-per-call models, a qualified call needs to be defined with set criteria to measure whether an individual call is a billable lead. That’s where we come in. Telmetrics delivers pay-per-call reporting support and integration to support advertising providers’ performance-based programs with:

  • Flexible number provisioning and program management
  • Support for varying definitions of “billable calls” by category and/or media channel
  • Billing data integration for advertising providers and resellers
  • Advertiser reporting support:
  • Billing caps and roll-overs for budget-conscious advertisers and to ensure program value is recognized
  • New! CallMask feature to protect PPCall program attribution

Call quality is an important part of the pay per call model. As a result, we have created call quality guidelines to help pay per call providers maintain campaign integrity and increase revenues.  To hear more about these guidelines and how our commitment to quality can assist your business please contact us today.

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