Advertising Performance. The Panoramic View.

A phone call generated by your advertisement is a valuable lead. Equally valuable is what you take from that call. To maximize the ROI of each call, you need to analyze what happened before the call, during the call, and after the call and use those insights to fine-tune your current and future advertising strategies.

We call this 360-degree view of actionable call data CallTelligence.

It’s our end-to-end proprietary offering of Call Measurement tools that, when used together, provide a complete picture of advertising performance. With key intelligence from Pre-Call Metrics, Real-Time Call Tracking Analytics and Post-Call Results, marketers can measure and optimize the quality of the leads generated by their ad campaigns.

CallTelligence offers a comprehensive review and analysis of call response and the impact on advertising performance, revealing findings that will ultimately help improve lead generation and ROI.

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