Who We Are

No one knows call tracking better than Telmetrics. For more than 20 years, Telmetrics has played a significant role in driving and advancing the Call Measurement industry.

Today, our call tracking technology is available throughout North America and across Europe. We are the industry leader as our solutions help the leading media agencies, publishers and national and mobile advertisers measure and maximize the effectiveness of their advertising programs.

Our proprietary tracking methods help thousands of companies plan their media strategies and increase the return on their advertising investments. By tracking and measuring consumer telephone response to direct advertising across any print, online or search engine marketing media campaign, our clients gain visibility into ROI across all media channels.

Our experience is the deepest in the industry, making us the experts. We have created a reliable, scalable network infrastructure capable of supporting enterprise-level measurement programs with a secure, highly redundant network. Our existing partnerships with some of the largest local search publishers and advertisers are testaments to our ability to scale both up and out.

With the most stringent quality assurance practices in the industry, unrivalled customer service and our ongoing product innovations, it’s easy to understand why we’re the Call Measurement provider of choice.

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